Myth Busters

I’m sure I can’t be hypnotised
Anybody who wants to be hypnotised can be hypnotised but if you don’t want to be, you won’t be. Some people may go into a trance faster or more deeply than others. For example, if you have ever been watching television and suddenly realised that you have no idea what has happened for the last few minutes, then you have been in a hypnotic trance.

Is hypnosis dangerous?
Hypnosis is very safe, if there is a problem at any time you would naturally be able to come out of a hypnotic state.

You’ll be in control of my mind
You cannot be made to do anything your mind does not want to do, for instance, something legally or morally wrong. Hypnotism is not a matter of control but of help and guidance towards an agreed destination.

The treatment will make me feel strange and uncomfortable
If you do feel strange it will be enjoyably so. The experience of being hypnotised is a relaxing, even euphoric, one.

Only a hypnotist can hypnotise me
All hypnosis is self-hypnosis. I can teach you self-hypnosis which is an element of many of my treatment courses. This can help reinforce the effect of your therapy and motivate you to achieve your goals.

The benefits are only temporary

The intention is that any desired change will be permanent. Self-hypnosis can play a part in this.

I’ll need loads of sessions
All clients and their problems are different. For instance, a client may have a weight problem where the root cause is stress which requires a separate treatment. Most cases need one session, some need five.

Hypnotherapists don’t have a Code of Conduct
I work under the Code of Ethics of the Institute of Clinical Hypnosis.

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