Clinical Hypnotherapy

All hypnotherapy is self hypnotherapy.

A hypnotic trance is simply a deeply relaxed state where the conscious part of your mind, the part that makes all the decisions, is by-passed allowing the unconscious part to be free to accept positive and helpful suggestions.

Clinical Hypnotherapy is a means of unlocking the unconscious mind. It is a combination of clinical hypnotherapist and client working together to create therapeutic changes which can permanently alter a person’s life.

The hypnotherapist acts as a guide. By first talking and listening, the hypnotherapist gains an understanding of the client and his or her particular and personal needs.

The hypnotherapist can then help the client into a deeply relaxed state or ‘trance’. A trance is a state of focussed attention which we all experience in varying degrees throughout the day. The hypnotherapist is trained to take clients to a deeper level so that appropriate positive suggestions can be delivered such as stopping smoking or performance enhancement.

Clinical hypnotherapy is a complimentary therapy. It is not an alternative to a course of treatment prescribed by a medical doctor or psychiatrist. However, many doctors are aware of the benefits of hypnotherapy.

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