“A single session with Richard was certainly not enough – but only because I got such a taste of the difference he could make to my life. I arrived at his session feeling strained, drained and frankly exhausted. Less than an hour later the whole world looked less worrying and I felt for days as if I could face it with impunity. I have long been an advocate of hypnotherapy – of all the complementary therapies, it has perhaps the most impressive evidence base. My experience has reinforced my belief that, with the right therapist, hypnotherapy can be an invaluable tool.”
Dr Sarah Jarvis G.P

“Richard Evans is one of those rare individuals who can quickly determine a key symbol event or scenario which allows a person under hypnosis to best help themselves. I imagine many good hypnotists might never attain this level of insight into their clients’ personality.”
Dr A K Tierney LDS RCS (Eng)

“Before my first session of hypnotherapy I had been sceptical but also slightly apprehensive. I need have been neither. Within moments RE had led me gently into a state of such relaxation that I found myself contentedly drifting into what he later told me had been a deep trance.  At the outset he had reassured me that throughout the session I would be aware of what was happening and feel able to bring it to an end at will. He was right but I didn’t want to!  I “awoke” when he suggested I should and was immediately restored to my normal self but feeling mellow and relaxed. In the course of the session RE addressed the problem for which I had consulted him with sensitivity and intelligence.  It was a completely professional performance and a remarkable experience which I look forward to repeating. And yes. I feel much better too!”
M.A.S   London

“Through hypnotism with Richard Evans I have been given simple tools to help me with weight loss and diet that have proved to be invaluable, making me aware of what I eat and need to eat and also boosting my confidence to make my diet successful.”
S.C Cowes

As part of my Olympic training cycling was a major cardio training tool.  After the 2008 Olympics I undertook a charity Land’s End to John o’ Groats challenge.  During the training for this event it was clear that I was struggling with downhill sections at speed.  Richard Evans worked with me on extensive visitation. Not only did it cure my apprehension but let me enjoy the easier parts of the journey!
Sarah Gosling M.B.E  Double Olympic Gold,  Sailing
Hi Richard,
Hope you’re well, it seems Paul is!
Got this fantastic testimonial the other day from a rider who I’ve been working with this year who was getting frustrated with his time trials.  He’d done all the training but was always “just” missing his goals.  He contacted you for advice and the rest is history. 
I’m going to do another push with your page in a couple of weeks, add this in for good measure, and hit it again as we start the season next year.  Isn’t it great to be able to make a difference to someone’s life? 
Keep smiling…
Hi Tony,

I hope your well.    One of my  goal’s this season was to enter  more 40km TT and get under the ”hour”,  being my third season doing Timetrials it was time.   As you may know the courses in Kent are not the most forgiving .  My fastest time for 40km was  1.00.14.     My 10 mile TTs were fairly respectable with 22s, so why could nt i break the hour?
I was told to go to courses in Essex that are flatter, but I felt that was cheating my self, i thought if your that good you should go under the hour on all courses.

I often look around your website and I saw a recommendation for Richard Evans the Clinical Hypnotherapist , so i thought i d give him a call , what could i lose?
After speaking with Richard he immediately put me at ease , firstly as he used to do Timetrials. Richard totally understood where i was coming from, not only is he one of the nicest easiest going guys you can speak to but he knew exactly how important it was to me.

We chatted on the phone about my experiences and he went through his own personnel experiences of going under the hour . After seeing his racing picture on a bike with no aero bars!   He gave me  basic pointers to lead me in the right direction, ie- focus on a particular race,  visualisation of the course, and to run though this in my head etc.

D day-04/09/2011
On a technical course with 16 roundabouts in the depths of kent yesterday morning my race day focus on, I did a Time of 58.52.    As soon as i d finished you have never seen a 39 year old man so jubilant and wanted to call Richard, of course i restrained myself as did nt think he d appreciate a call at 7.30 am on a Sunday morning, but it was due to his pointers and visualisation that helped me.   I only spoke to Richard about a month ago and i was on holiday for two weeks so it  was nt that i was fitter, it was  psychological, what a difference putting it all together.

Just thought i would drop you a line for others with similar goals this works, this was only a friendly chat on the phone so can only imagine if i actually went to see Richard… watch out Cancellara or is it Tony Martin now?,,,,,,,,,ok maybe not, but the thought of visualisation is there. ;)

I dropped Richard an email to  thank him as now that barrier I had has now gone we can work on the next achievable goals. At least i might just pop over to Essex and do a flattish course and see what can be achieved.

All The  Best


Be Good, Ride Hard, Suffer Well…

Ventoux Master V5

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 Hi Richard,Hope you are well. I wanted to let you know I did my presentation and I think it went well. I was very nervous but I enjoyed it in the end. Thank you very much for your help I found it an interesting experience and I enjoyed meeting and talking with you.

Best wishes

 Andrea  (London)  Analytical Psychotherapist

I’m fine thanks! Smoke free, you’ll be pleased to know. Confusing sensations re eating/smoking but I realise that I just need to keep a check on what I eat and it will be fine. Feel like I stopped smoking years ago and just have to get through this bit which is marvellous!

Lesley  ( London)

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