About me

A very great part of my life has been spent working with and understanding some of the most complex and sensitive people on the planet.

For over 30 years, I worked in the record industry during its golden age, promoting on radio and television a wide range of stars from Tom Jones to Ozzy Osborne, Whitney Houston to Lisa Stansfield.

Since leaving the record industry, I have broadened my education and qualified with a BA Hons from Southampton Solent University and shared some of record industry experiences on BBC Radio 4’s “Start The Week”, appeared regularly on Channel 5 and aired a weekly slot on Heart 106.2. In 2008 I became a member of the Patient Advisory Committee for H.E.A.R.T. UK.

I have had personal experience of the positive impact of hypnotherapy. In 2004 I began to suffer with back problems and was unable to walk properly, and after seeing, and mystifying, many medical professionals, I decided to see if my problem was ‘all in the mind’ by consulting a clinical hypnotherapist. I found that hypnotherapy helped me cope mentally, made me re-consider my lifestyle, lose weight and begin bicycle racing again in order to regain my strength and fitness. Impressed, I found out more and embarked on a diploma course at the Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy.

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